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Hotel Schools

Hotel Schools

Hotel Schools provides an opportunity to study in the field of hospitality: say, hotel or restaurant management. You can choose to travel to Switzerland, Great Britain, Australia, and three other countries. The project has a parent — IQ Consultancy, an educational company. It will soon have a website of its own.


To redesign the website and overhaul the content. We put a lot of effort into making the materials easy to understand and the visuals to be in line with the style of IQ Consultancy. We developed a page creator and integrated the admin panel with the CRM. The applications from the website are delivered into the system, where the history ofrelationship with each lead is recorded.

Content and navigation

The work on the content went lightning-fast. On the first day we read the website, on the next day we copied the structure and filled it with questions. Finally, on the third day we erased everything that we and the client deemed unnecessary and filled the gaps with new content.


We figured out the colors, fonts, photos, and graphics. We threw out everything too childish and lightweight: after all, we were making a website for adults that would be visited by resolute applicants, their parents and experts, and we needed to treat them as equals.

We chose lively photos depicting friendship, wealth and prestige.

Lively — “Yes!”
Generic — “No!”

We also proposed substituting tourist-oriented landscapes with some interior photos as we didn’t want the company to look like an agency selling last-minute tours.

Old version
New version

We chose the strict grid, space, big/small ratio, and contrast based on the style of 20th century Switzerland.

Josef Müller-Brockmann, Zürich, Switzerland, 1959
Räto Tschupp, Camerata Zürich 1965
Vignelli Forever, by Anthony Neil Dart, 2011

We liked the typographic illustrations with painted letters and photorealistic objects.

You’veprobably already guessed about the fonts and colors by now.


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Send a request or contact us at hi@nimax.ru

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