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House Anatomy

House Anatomy

The second project for Office Anatomy, a service that helps designers, homeowners, and technical building equipment specialists choose fancy sockets and switches, compile an order correctly, and have it delivered straight to one’s door.


The client loved the previous video and is now looking for a similar story about their new product, highlighting the benefits of the service, features of the interface, and the way it works.


It turns out there are many pitfalls of purchasing expensive sockets and switches. We show them figuratively, paying more attention to the excitement of interaction with the service. Two protagonists — a designer and a housewife — represent the two target audiences.


We put together a presentation showcasing the developed text, script, and concept, and then worked out the details with the client during the shot breakdown.


The first stage was photo audition. The selected actresses then performed in a number of scenes.

Movie and theater actresses were eventually selected for the roles, with Varvara Scherbakova playing the role of the designer, and Varvara Svetlova acting the part of the noble hostess.

The studio during pre-shooting and on camera


The video was shot at two studios. One studio housed a stage set of a flat in the final phase of renovation, while the other one was transformed into a House Anatomy photo lab resembling the one where the products appearing on the website had actually been shot. Image quality is one of the undisputed strengths of the service.

Vitaly, the founder of Office and House Anatomy, brought suitcases packed with awesome switches and spent the whole day at the set helping and shooting backstage videos. Working with such a passionate team was extremely rewarding.

The scripts for videos about web services tend to pay special attention to the way interface works. At the time of the shooting, the product is usually still in development and there will be changes after it is released, so we try to avoid screencasts, instead discussing with the client which key features should make it to the screen: what would look better simplified, and where it would be wise to add animation that the user won’t see in the final product.


We didn’t publish the video until the product was launched. Now, House and Office Anatomy show the video to their customers and partners at conferences, not just explaining the operating principle, but affecting the perception of the product and the team behind it.

The general attitude, approach to the script, and details of our videos have shaped the style of educational videos that the client now produces for their channel.

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