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A store offering over 10,000 fireplaces, furnaces, boilers, chimneys, and kindling products. The service helps choose a system, find reliable installers, and provides maintenance recommendations. Here, one can find both rare specimens and standard equipment — there is no limit.


Creating a new version of the store that would increase website traffic and sales. Pech.ru is all about expertise in the field, which makes communications just as important as stimulating sales. For us, it meant combining a store with a thematic platform that would attract customers and service companies.


Science developed a style based on the concept of a modular furnace. Its elements symbolize the components and the ability to combine services and products. It all depends on what the customer wants.

There are two types of icons: detailed for live use and simplified for the Web


Pech.ru is an ambitious project. In order to make sure we understood everything, we gathered information about the industry, the company, its customers, services, competitors, and statistics. We carefully studied the websites of the top 10 furnace vendors and speculated a lot about what drives the customers.

We talked to the client often to provide a detailed insight into the future structure of the website. We tried to make our proposals descriptive so that they wouldn’t arouse questions. At the time, we were aided by the SEO specialists from Topright, so we followed their advice while working on the structure, script, and texts.

We tried to predict user behavior on the website
Prepared a site map
Arranged the catalog structure

Not all solutions made it into the final version of the website. For example, we wanted to direct the buyer towards an expensive designer’s fireplace or a particular furnace built according to certain parameters straight from the home page. This idea remained a prototype.


There are two types of pages on the website: interface and content. For the former, the designer thought through the results of search by category, filters, product card, cart, and ordering process. The structure and text for the content sections — a guide about the company, partnership, and purchase — were prepared by an information architect.

Content pages
Interface pages


We adapted the visual style for the Web and drew layouts for different screen sizes.

Developing layouts for smartphones and tablets, we strove to keep as much information as possible to make it easier for the user to decide on the product.

Layout and programming

The thousands of products and dozens of various parameters were stacked into independent filters to ensure that the user never gets zero search result.

We added the ability to check the status of your order to take some load off managers. The customer can track the product using the website.

The programmers solved the challenge of importing data for the new website structure, achieved correct upload of product categories, and maintained property values.

The products sell well, and the company is opening new shops across Russia, so we are planning to update the page about pick-up points and make a landing page for each showroom.

Send a request or contact us at hi@nimax.ru

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