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The fourth education project of Mail.Ru Group for students of technical universities. This time it was a joint course by Odnoklassniki and Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University. The project is aimed at tenacious and persistent young people who want to learn the ropes and get to work as quickly as possible.


The goal was to get students interested in attending a free programming course by describing the program, the opportunities it gives, and the process of enrollment. We redesigned the structure and content based on the website of the previous projects and transferred the visual style to the Web. This way, we made the website both informative and descriptive.


Mail.Ru Group has been organizing two-year courses for developers since 2012, with classes tough by the company employees. This is a great opportunity for students to land a job or apprenticeship, and for the corporation to get their hands on professionals who are ready to get straight to work from day one and don’t need to be taught from scratch.

We were given a month to develop a website. Initially, the client planned to use the structure and content of Technosphera and Technopark — the websites that we developed three years ago. By 2016, those became cluttered with new pages, blocks, and functions, thus making navigation complicated and resulting in gaps in content and repetitions. We insisted on making changes such as creating a new website map and presented a scheme of page content for approval. Having got the nod, we turned to graphics.

We scrutinized the home page armed with a pencil and transferred all changes straight to the layout.


The visual concept was developed by Science based on the project’s message: “Technopolis for the talented, ambitious and creative”. This motto inspired the idea of creation by coding, which mixes artistic masterpieces with programming.

Various stories conveyed by paintings fit well with the content. We tried different things in the first layouts:

We proposed to reduce the number of pages in the Programs section and fit them all into a single page using a switch:

Layout and programming

The project involves no complicated tricks with animation. Rich graphics is enough to attract attention, so we didn’t want to overload the website with unnecessary movement, keeping only the simple features.

Send a request or contact us at hi@nimax.ru

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