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Following the YotaHub application for configuring the e-ink back screen, the Yota Devices design team entrusted us with a new challenge. It was a great opportunity to work with such a cool team, and together develop an interface for YotaSports – a mobile application for following sporting events.


To engage the potential of the two teams in developing the basic version of the application that will be just enough for an amateur. Announcements about football and hockey matches, players, scores and key episodes throughout matches – YotaSports will show this information for starters. New sports and features will become available in future versions.

Color Screen Controls

YotaSports on the color screen differs from that on the always-on screen. The always-on screen offers more features and only that screen shows the details of a match. At the same time, you cannot do without the "color" application – this is where you configure it all.

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Always-On Screen Controls

The second screen with all the details displayed is where you get the essence of the application. The black-and-white environment serves as the only main information source for now. The same contents will be available on the color screen in future versions.

Interface Design

After the great success of the YotaHub project, almost the same team joined forces with designers from Yota Devices. Together, we designed the first screens, brainstormed and verified our theories, looked for solutions. Again, creative guys from Yota Devices helped, drove and led us all the way from the concept stage to drawing every detail.

We built the interface of the color screen in accordance with the Material design standards from the industry leader - Google, while the black-and-white part was designed according to the thoroughly crafted guidelines from the Yota Devices design team.

Switching between sports and lists of matches: over, live and coming up. The compact view of the sports widget in three statuses: a live match, an announcement and a screen with no favorite matches.
The full view of the sports widget in three statuses: a live match, an announcement and a screen with no favorite matches.
The full-screen mode of the application. A tap on the widget opens it.
The screenshot on the left shows how live matches look, the screenshot on the right shows upcoming matches and matches that are already over.
Notifications about match results.

Getting Started

This part of the application aims on helping a new user. Here we guide the user through the interface and tell how to use its main features.

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The presentation consists of five static slides and three interface tips. First, we tell the user what this application is for and explain how it works. After that, the already "educated" user gets to know how to choose a sport, make the application display data on the second screen and follow a live match.

Project Development

YotaSports has grand development plans to bring cool features to its users – there is no other option when two strong teams start working together on a challenging project. New sports, extra info about matches, teams and players – that's just bits of what's coming up in future versions.

Application Development

We managed to avoid developing the complicated server side by finding the appropriate data provider. We knew that the data source would not be perfect so we looked for a database that would be as close to meeting our requirements as possible. The structure of data affected the front end of the application, but insignificantly – we managed to retain the concept.

Thanks to the Yota Devices team
for directions and guidance.
Strategy and UX:
Georgy Yakovlev;

Art Direction:
Georgy Yakovlev, Aleksandr Batuev.

Send a request or contact us at hi@nimax.ru

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