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The store sells radiators, heated towel rails, and convectors under the Zehnder brand. The company’s authorized agent offers off-the-shelf or customized equipment from German factories. Imagine a yellow radiator covering an entire wall — Zehnder can do it.


Initially, the client requested support for their template-based website. We monitored user activity on the website and its visibility for search engines and we were pretty upset with the results. For instance, users often couldn’t even find the phone number. Thus, support gradually turned into development of a new website that would increase the number of applications and reduce the time it takes to process an order.


We wanted to present the products in a way that would allow users to select equipment according to certain parameters and submit an application for precise cost calculation. Each model has dozens of parameters that require consideration, so we abandoned the idea of an online store at first as there would be no standard purchases. Instead, we introduced filters by basic parameters and an extensive pre-order form.


We adjusted the structure, keeping pages for promotion. At the same time, SEO specialists were watching closely in order to prepare the website for improved search results.

New website map. The old version is shown as you hover the cursor over it.

The website is based on three categories: radiators, heated towel rails, convectors. For the first two positions, we came up with unique product cards. In the case of convectors, we used a page with a description of devices, which are only sold by order.

Radiator catalog prototype
Radiator card prototype
Towel rail selector


In terms of design, we kept in line with the corporate identity of Zenden and the design of the old website, which the client wanted to retain. At the start of the project, we were asked to pay particular attention to the layout, so we kept the page blocks from the previous version and improved their visuals.

Radiator card
Towel rail card
Design radiator card
Convector card
Sample text

We targeted two audiences: professional builders, who are accustomed to choosing heating equipment, and customers who prefer home delivery. We produced two forms to suit the needs of both.

For proper selection you need to specify the correct parameters of the room
Products for each room
Order confirmation

Layout and programming

Search results take into consideration the parameters specified in the filter and shows only relevant options, and the selection form saves the parameters for future steps.

Future plans include personal accounts that would turn showcase website into an online store.

Send a request or contact us at hi@nimax.ru

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