Contacts Team

Ecommerce website development

We create websites for online trade with high conversion rate and opportunities for rapid promotion

Closer to the standard

Perfect for medium-sized businesses. We use our own landing page, cart, and back office to create a simple, neat shop, saving time and money for consistent content.

  • Requirements checklist
  • Adoption of Nimax solutions
  • Signature design
  • Filling with content
  • Launch and support
  • ≥ 3 months
Unique interface

We will help customers configure their orders, and we can also create a user-friendly office for dealers, find a way to present an unconventional product, and come up with an advertising concept.

  • In-depth analysis
  • Concept
  • Design and development
  • Content preparation
  • Launch and support
  • ≥ 4 months
Single development and promotion procedures
For all stores
  • We organize directories
    based on sales figures
  • We select landing pages based on
    advertising needs
  • We design the store to fit the actual
  • We write texts for the people, and optimize them
    for search engines
  • We assess target performance and fight
    for conversion
  • We examine mobile sales scenarios separately
  • We make support decisions according to analytics
  • We adjust the store to fit all resolutions
What we can do

Apart from analysis, design, development, coding, programming, and support

  • Audience survey
  • Current version audit
  • Statistics analysis
  • Customer call processing
  • Prototype testing
  • A/B testing of solutions
  • Focus groups
  • Feedback collection
Prepare the
  • Text description of products
  • High quality product photos
  • Mailout and blog
  • Website videos
Create or revamp
the brand
  • Branding by Sсience
  • Trixid brand shop
  • Website style revamp
  • Promotion strategy

Send a request or contact us at info@nimax.ru