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Website support and development

Website is a flexible material that changes along with the company. If a project is abandoned right after launch, it will have to be started over in a year. To avoid this, we offer sustainable support and development

Basic needs
’Could you help us with...’

We collect and fill sample pages, proofread and improve coding, edit texts and pictures, draw icons and simple graphics.

  • ≥ 15 hours
Small and large static website that are not subject to constant change.
Smooth flow
’We need it to constantly...’

We gradually add new sections, write articles, compile weekly mailouts, draw banner sets and illustrations.

  • ≥ 25 hours
Corporate websites, blogs, and any other projects that depend on content.
Serious development
’Oh, we have big plans...’

We purposefully increase conversion, develop new functions, test them on users, study their behavior, and automate processes.

  • ≥ 50 hours
E-stores and online services with complex functionality and big plans for the future.
How the process is organized
We set a budget for each month

We calculate how many hours of which experts we will need, and book that time.

We plan goals for the month ahead

We assess workload and set deadlines.

We examine content, design, and code

Especially if you have an existing project from another developer.

We develop, test, and publish

We upload it to the real server after double testing at an internal one.

We plan for 3–6 months ahead

We meet once in a quarter to make plans for the next period.

We write a report at the end of each month

It includes a monthly service list, hours, and experts involved.

Benefits of development
Higher conversion

Continuous development to increase profit.

Higher loyalty

Do better for customers to come back.

Support helps
  • We develop thorough interactive prototypes
  • We hook up analytics and keep reports with the Topright team
  • We develop the project iteratively (according to the Lean Startup method)
  • We create the visual identity of web services with the Science team
  • We test hypotheses, prototypes, and active services
  • We launch adaptable or mobile versions of websites

Send a request or contact us at info@nimax.ru