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Nimax on a template

We create low-cost websites quickly using website builders*, if this fits the project.

*Builders or templates are external services for website creation. Visual CMS and hosting in one solution. Different builders have different prices and capabilities.

There are pros and cons
Read this and decide whether a builder will suit you
  • Product promo, service landing page
  • Company presentation, portfolio
  • Store with a dozen categories
  • Tight deadlines, 1-2 months
  • No need for unique mechanics
Template is a way to make things easier

First of all, we choose not to use any unconventional interactive tools or uncommon scenarios. Effects and functions are accommodated with the capabilities of the template. The more elegant the solution, the better it works on a visual CMS.

  • 1C integration
  • Personal account
  • Complex animation
  • Calculator
  • Configurator
  • Simple cart
  • Application
  • Adaptability
  • Publications
  • Social media
What you pay for
Template is only the technical side. We work on the idea and content of the product, as well as manage the process.
Problem solution
Clear texts
Impressive graphics
You’ll have to spend
on perfect
backgrounds, pictures, and videos

But you will save on coding

Why Nimax?
  • In order to save some time rather than waste it, you’ll need someone who’s familiar with visual CMSs.
  • It is all about the quality of content and graphics, and that’s exactly what we’re good at.
  • We can predict future development of the project, propose alternatives, and even dissuade you from using a builder if we have to.
  • You’ll have a strong team at your disposal, consisting of a manager, an information architect, and a designer.
You may need something else for your website

Background video, company or product promo, filmed by the same people who are working on your website.


Advertising strategy and website optimization before the launch, Internet campaign and efficiency assessment after.

Website support

A good product will outgrow the template sooner or later. Before that happens, we will still be making changes.


Send a request or contact us at info@nimax.ru