Contacts Team

Video production

We shoot TV and web commercials with solid storyline and neat visuals.

We present the project to the target audience, investors, and partners. We do our best to showcase the product or service in the most appealing fashion.
We’ll look over your shoulder to find an exciting way to present the process and the end result.

We’re excited to work with other formats, such as:

TV commercials

Website video backgrounds

Cases and feedback videos

  • We oversee the whole production cycle, starting with your goal. The project team will only include people with relevant skills.
  • We prefer a simple idea over a complex one. We develop a clear message, and look for a creative presentation to go with it.
  • We don’t sell, we try to keep the video simple and entertaining, otherwise nobody’s going to watch it.
  • The video itself is not the solution yet. We need to make sure it reaches the target audience. That’s where the guys from Topright come in — they promote videos and channels.
It usually takes a month

Just 5 stages separate the first meeting from the first viewing


We are your first audience, so we need to get the message before we can relay it further. Spare some time for an interview or product presentation, or simply describe the process.


We present the idea: what we want to say and demonstrate, why we are positive about it, and what kinds of resources we are going to need. Then we polish the text and approve the storyboard.


We pick a team and equipment, cast actors, find shooting locations, design costumes and sets.

Shooting process

We shoot in one location per shift, sometimes additional shoots may be necessary. If we shoot at your location, we kindly ask you to get everything ready.


We edit, paint, compose music, record sound, and add visual effects. You can just check the results at milestones or be directly involved in process if you like — we welcome it!


Send a request or contact us at info@nimax.ru

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