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Online services development

We develop systems that are beneficial for the business and appealing to the user. Proceeding from the configuration of processes and the needs of the audience, we are guided by cast-iron logic and foresight.

  • Private accounts for e-stores and corporate websites.
  • Services allowing users to select and buy tickets, apartments, and insurances.
  • Calculators and configurators.
  • Services for ordering and order processing.
  • Portals for document storage, analytics, and reporting.
  • Interfaces for loyalty program support and prompt B2B communication.
  • Corporate portals for team training and communication.
  • Databases for templates and internal regulations
  • Daily routines, such as making an appointment, ordering office supplies, or summoning a system administrator.
Interfaces have two objectives,
which one is yours?
I own a business
and would like to optimize company performance

Lessening the load on managers, fine-tuning internal processes, improving customer service, increasing loyalty, making communication with the partners and team easier — it all looks like objectives for an interface. If this is what you’re looking for, here is what you need to do:

  • Define your goals
  • Describe your business
  • Share your problems
  • Introduce your team
  • Present your sales chart
  • Allow access to your clients
  • Compile technical requirements

We explore the processes, because services depend on company organization. Remain patient and be ready for a change of plans — sometimes it’s inevitable.

I have a brilliant idea,
and I want a startup

In this case, business is hinged on the product, so the plan of actions is as follows: we take some hypotheses, study the market and the audience, sketch out the approximate structure of the service, and start planning external resources. Before we begin, give this a thought:

  • What the purpose of the product is
  • Who the user is
  • What problem the service solves
  • What you will tell the user
  • How you organize external processes
  • What the plans for the future are
  • How to monetize the project

We’ll decide what to do off-line, who will maintain the system, where to store and how to transfer data. Be ready for collective brainstorming — we can’t do it without you.

How we work


  • ≥ 2 weeks
At this stage, we get to know each other, ask questions, and conduct research. You will work with an information architect, who is responsible for the ideology and functionality of the service. He will help you choose the right direction and come up with a plan.
  • Understanding of the situation
  • Client profile
  • Hypothesis correction
  • Messages and talking points
  • Promotion tools
  • User cases
  • Service structure
  • Function list and description
  • Launch and development plan

Minimum viable product

  • ≥ 1 month
At this stage, hypotheses are tested. We choose basic functions and develop the entry level version of the product, also known as minimum viable product (MVP). The main rule is: if something can be avoided, it should be.
  • Live service with basic functions
  • First advertising campaign
  • Configured analytics system
  • Feedback tool

Iterative development

  • ≥ 1 month per iteration
We collect feedback on the minimum viable product, analyze user behavior, and decide on the future of the project. We introduce new functions and partitions through small iterations, gradually moving from a mini-service to a solid interface capable of supporting your business.
  • Growing interface
  • Regular newsworthy events
  • More analytics and feedback
  • New advertising campaigns
  • We develop thorough interactive prototypes
  • We hook up analytics and keep reports with the Topright team
  • We develop the project iteratively (according to the Lean Startup method)
  • We create the visual identity of on-line services with the Science team
  • We test hypotheses, prototypes, and active services
  • We release adaptive and mobile versions of websites

Send a request or contact us at info@nimax.ru

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